Frontier Integrity Solutions offers our current and future customers a comprehensive range of pipeline inspection and maintenance services to assist our clients with demanding regulatory requirements. From standard applications to highly customized solutions, our goal is to help you maximize your time and cost with us.


Frontier Integrity Solutions works with highly trained subject matter experts, displaying a true commitment to quality-of-work across an array of services, acting in concert to provide real-world, turnkey solutions. FIS maintains a vetted database of greater than 9,000 highly skilled craft inspectors of all disciplines across pipeline, pipeline stations, terminals, gathering, utility, tank storage and other energy related fields. Frontier Integrity Solutions facilitates continuous training for its professional workforce through a proprietary learning management system and other Industry leading 3rd Party Training providers. FIS also engages regionally specific 3rd Party OQ and evaluation providers to satisfy client required DOT Operator Qualification and certifications.



Like we say time and time again, no project or request is too small or too large. We treat all requests for project support the same and with a high sense of urgency and quality that all of our clients have been able to rely on. Trust…Honesty…Integrity. It’s what we have built a reputation on and what we consider as our greatest foundational value that has allowed us to grow professional, lasting relationships with our clients!

Effective project management is the key to quality performance. Construction management personnel at all levels are professionals who have proven their ability through successful completion of numerous engineering and construction projects throughout the world. Our organization has the capability and foresight to manage projects from conception to completion.

Below are some of our proven pipeline construction capabilities:

  • Pre-qualification of contractors
  • Construction bid evaluation and recommendations
  • Field contract administration
  • Field reporting and monitoring systems
  • Materials receiving and warehousing
  • Logistics planning and support
  • Field inventory systems
  • Field purchasing procedures
  • Certification of completion status for payment purposes
  • Certification of hydrostatic tests
  • Construction and as-built surveys
  • Certification of construction records to DOT and Company standards


At FIS, we maintain a database of over 9,000 highly skilled craft inspectors of all disciplines of pipeline, pipeline stations, refineries, terminals, power plants, tank storage farms, offshore structures and other energy related fields.

FIS is able to staff the following professionals to meet your needs:

  • Construction Managers
  • Field Engineers
  • Chief and Assistant Chief Inspectors
  • NDE Auditors
  • DOT Auditors
  • API 510 Inspectors (Pressure Vessel)
  • API 570 Inspectors (Piping)
  • API 653 Inspectors (Tanks)
  • Certified Welding Inspectors
  • NACE Coating and Corrosion Inspectors
  • Environmental Inspectors
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Inspectors
  • Utility Inspectors
  • Safety Inspectors
  • Office Managers
  • Cost Analysts


Pipeline Integrity is considered the safe operation and maintenance of all related pipeline components. Everything from design, construction, operations and maintenance to decommissioning and retirement is done to ensure pipelines are operated safely. Frontier Integrity Solutions (FIS) is committed to providing our clients with the most experienced, highly skilled work force available. FIS subject matter experts combined with the latest GPS data collection technology ensure safe, smart, and cost-effective decisions regarding both new construction and existing assets. FIS is committed to differentiating our clients’ customer service experience with both technology, and experienced personnel.

Comprehensive Tracking and Survey Services

Above Ground Marker (AGM) Survey Services

FIS survey technicians have been OQ-certified, trained and tested in the use of the latest GPS mapping software and electronic survey equipment. Based on specific ILI tool specifications, FIS survey technicians mark these locations with AGMs consisting of steel pins and survey lathes. Per FIS procedures, each individual AGM is documented and listed on electronic data sheet. Each data sheet contains detailed AGM location, GPS coordinates, and driving directions from the last sequential AGM when necessary. These AGM coordinates are documented and presented in electronic mapping format for future use. The precise location of the AGM location is typically used by the pipeline operator to establish precise footage distances for dig sites repairs along the pipeline route. For more detailed information, request a copy of FIS AGM survey standard operating procedures.

Tracking Services of In-Line Inspection tools

FIS tracking technicians have been OQ-certified, trained and tested in the use of the latest GPS mapping software and electronic tracking equipment. Our Technicians are proficient with computerized mapping data generation systems, and understand the standard requirements of the major intelligent tool manufacturers. Upon the launch of any type pipeline tool, FIS tracking crews will track the tool from launcher to receiver, around the clock until it reaches its destination. FIS understands the criticality of knowing the EXACT location of any type inspection tool while traversing through the pipeline. For more detailed information, request a copy of FIS AGM Tracking standard operating procedures

Survey Staking Services – New Construction

Before new construction begins, technicians survey features along proposed pipeline segments. Existing utility/pipelines, agricultural drainages, etc. are located and marked to prevent accidental damage during pipeline construction. Next, the pipeline’s centerline and the exterior right of way boundaries are staked. FIS also has the ability to GPS welds, above ground appurtenances, etc. during and post in-service.