Quality Management


Frontier Integrity Solution’s Safety Leadership Committee, which includes each and every employee, recognized that the risks related to safe work performance are as present in the routine as in the atypical task and each leader personally commits to being intentional in and holding each other accountable for safe execution of our operations. -FIS Management


Our main goal at Frontier Integrity Solutions is to ensure our clients’ workplaces are safe for the environment and for anyone visiting their sites. To do this, we take pride in training our team on proper safety procedures and ensure safety policies and equipment are up to date for our clients. The most effective way to guarantee our team delivers excellent service is to provide a hazard-free environment to our clients where they feel safe and able to do their work without harm.

Frontier Integrity Solutions goes above and beyond to provide inspection solutions to our clients by adhering to all safety and health policies. To maintain a safe environment, we will take it upon ourselves to stay up to date with all machinery, health codes, safety policies and trainings. The safety of our team and our clients is always a top priority.


At Frontier Integrity Solutions, safety, is our primary focus, we cannot stress this point enough. FIS is dedicated to world-class safety performance and strives at zero incidents/accidents on all of our clients sites. Our Employees understand the clear responsibility to themselves, their co-workers, the company and the environment. They are expected to practice the “highest degree of safety” at all times and EVERYONE has Stop-Work-Authority.

Frontier Integrity Solutions Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program is designed to help us change behaviors so that safety becomes a part of the standard operating procedure and is widely valued across all projects. It is designed as a motivational tool to get employees “involved”. FIS’ BBS policy has two very clear objectives:

To encourage active employee participation in our safety program
To encourage safe behaviors and discourage unsafe behaviors on an individual employee basis as well as departments

Data and information provided by our field safety representatives is designed to identify areas of concern and industry best practices. When needed, corrective actions are implemented and communicated at all levels within the company so that everyone has a clear understanding of the challenges we need to overcome. We also reward those who exercise safe behavior through our BBS recognition program. Please ask us for more details!


Frontier Integrity Solutions believes the best way to effectively train our employees is offering continuous training for our professional workforce through our ORANGE ACADEMY and other 3rd Party Training providers.

API 1169 – EWN Frontier Integrity Solutions has implemented an industry leading API 1169 initiative! All Frontier Integrity Solutions employees are able to take advantage of the discounted rate for those who sign up for the API 1169 inspector certification. Our employees cost for the exam is discounted by 25% ($100.00) if they sign up as an Frontier Integrity Solutions employee due to our membership with API. Additional discounts for other industry related certifications are available depending upon certification. You may also receive up to a 30% discount on API most publications.

FIS also has an exciting partnership for training prior to taking the API 1169. Please call our office for details!