Frontier Integrity Solutions appoints CEO

Frontier Integrity Solutions appoints Keyth Pengal CEO on 4/1/17. Mr. Pengal was appointed CEO by Atar Capital who purchased the re-branded Frontier Integrity Solutions from Furmanite America Inc. on 12/19/16. Mr. Pengal, formerly Managing Director of Atar Capital, was brought in originally to transition the divestiture from Furmanite America. After overseeing a successful transition, he was asked to remain as CEO.

“Frontier Integrity Solutions has the foundation to be an industry leader for inspection and integrity solutions in the Midstream. The combination of the innovative, customer-driven approach of the staff combined with the abilities and expertise of the inspectors will guide this organization to a brand recognized industry leader that will proliferate in years to come. I look forward to great things to come.”

Mr. Pengal comes to Frontier Integrity Solutions after 25 years of leading operational and general management efforts with industry leaders Warner/Elektra/ Atlantic Corp., Cinram Entertainment and Goldline.

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