FIS Management Team understands the changing landscape brought on by today’s demands on inspection providers. We strive to differentiate ourselves through strategic service offerings and progressive inspector development by partnering with our clients to ensure the right fit for every position, every time. Inspector retention is at the very core of our operating philosophy as we understand how counterproductive and costly it can be to re-train Client Designated Representatives. FIS strives to be cost sensitive for our clients and allows our clients to focus on timely completion of projects. No job is too small and no job is too big—we treat each service request the same and that is why we are known as the provider of choice for your next project.

We pride ourselves on a work ethic that has become synonymous with integrity and honesty in all business transactions. Rest assured that you will get 100% from FIS every time we put boots on the ground! We do not cut corners and take shortcuts while providing our clients with value-add services in all that we do.

You can always count on Frontier Integrity Solutions to be engaged, proactive and hands on at all levels of management. We want to ensure that our clients will have a 24/7 commitment no matter the demand!


  • Keyth Pengal

    Keyth Pengal

    Chief Executive Officer


    Vice President / Inspection Solutions


    Vice President / Sales
  • Doug

    Doug Moss

    HR Manager
  • Brad Morris

    Corporate Controller
  • Matt Wisdom

    EHS & Compliance Manager